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The Biggest Challenges that Communicators Have Today

We are going to take a deep dive into one of the biggest challenges communicators have today with Tara. And that’s going to be how to create sound bites or small snippets of copy and content and quotable moments

The irony we all know of short content is that it’s actually harder to create, it actually takes longer to create something concise, and to the point and memorable. But that’s why we will share this five step process with you. It’s repeatable, flexible, and even a little bit fun. Once you get the hang of the process, you may well find that you want to modify it for yourself. The intention is to give you the framework and the resources to give yourself what you need and an easy to follow system. Lets dive right into it! 


On a daily basis, we're all receiving somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 Digital messages a day. And that's just online ads, emails and texts, we retain less than one 100th of any message that we are receiving. And the vast majority of what we do retain is something that is a particular interest to us right now or particular relevance to us right now, or something that we have an emotional connection to

Tara Coomans

A great example of that is a personal newsletters folder, we very often scan the subject lines, scroll through the previews. And if there’s something of relevance to us at this very given moment, we open it. And if it is not in any relevance we move right past it. Aften, we save those items, so we can go back and search them. But still to the marketer on the other side of that email, it just looks like an unopened. The same thing happens in social media, right, we grab our phones, and we scroll, scroll scroll until something catches our eye. As a marketer, though, and a professional communicator, you’re spending hours writing, sending, polishing and perfecting. And sometimes it feels probably a little bit like it’s all for nothing. So as a marketer and a communicator, it’s really difficult for you to be able to know what’s going to catch your audience eye and when they will have an emotional connection to your message. But there are things that you can do to help yourself along with this process of creating messages that resonate with your audience. So if you are a planner this five step process will help in order to make your communications more relevant and effective

Soundbites are, in essence, a quotable or subject line or Tweet, something that is brief and concise that's designed to capture our imagination and attention

Tara Coomans

So now that we are clear what Soundbites are let’s get right into our 5 step process of creating them.

Step 1: Be Intentional About What Message You Are Trying to Get Across

As communicators, it’s our job to be the defenders of the readers of the audience of the journalists of the Twitter world, and ask ourselves:  What is in it for them? Why should they care? With our reader, the journalists out there, and even when we’re doing something like media training, we as communicators need to have a really deep sense of empathy so that we can translate our ideal message. This is the moment where you tap into that empathy

Because in our marketing world, we so often are saying: This is the message I need to get across. This is how I need to explain it, this is what I need to do. 

And we’re in that moment only looking at it from our perspective, what we need to do is really put ourselves in the shoes of the reader so that what we do communicate isn’t just okay by our clients or our brand, but it’s actually received by the viewer, the reader the listener. The reason why that’s important is because if you get in the habit of being that person who is empathetic to the end, user and viewer, you can kind of get yourself a little bit out of the rabbit hole of creating so much content for so many places all the time and struggle with keeping. Because your messages will have more impact – sometimes less is more. The truth of the matter is, is that we all need a reason to care about things that we’re seeing online. And this is true for you, you need a reason to care. So this hopefully will give you a chance to dig in just a little bit and think through what your goals are as well…

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Who is Tara Coomans?

tara coomans
As an award-winning, 20+ year veteran of communications, Tara Coomans is CEO and founder of Avaans PR where she leads remote team offices in New York, Denver, and Los Angeles. Avaans PR is the single banner culmination of Coomans’ multiple agencies, including Primo PR which established itself in 2015 specifically for the cannabis industry. Avaans PR’s is best known for its emerging industry clients division where Coomans and her team are leading public relations for fast-growing cannabis industry clients. Among her notable cannabis clients are Elixinol, Binske, and Nuvata. Avaans PR also services B2B and B2C companies including technology, socially conscious, health and wellness and lifestyle brands who want to develop trusted reputations and earn press coverage. Currently, Coomans serves on the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Marketing & Advertising Committee, and heads up the Speaker’s Bureau subcommittee and as Director of Operations for Social Media Club Los Angeles (SMCLA), as part of her 11 history local and global service with SMC. SMCLA is SMC’s chapter of the year. Coomans resides in Los Angeles’ South Bay area with her husband and two standard poodles, Stella & Zoe who are now “Zoom Famous” for their regular appearances in business meetings. She enjoys ocean activities including SCUBA and kayaking and she is also a good cook and an aspirational baker. Coomans is on a perennial mission to make the world’s best lemon meringue pie, you can follow her mishaps and successes on the #masteringmeringue hashtag on Instagram.

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