Why Join Our Cannabis Summit?

The Cannabis Marketing Masters

NOVEMBER 13th and 14th

Cannabis Stack is bringing marketing and sales community together for a virtual summit event. Top speakers from the industry will join. Countless opportunities to grow your business. Ready strategies and tools to implement. Completely free virtual summit.

The Cannabis Marketing Masters gives cannabis and marketing professionals, cannapreneurs, startup cannabis owners the opportunity to explore new tactics for growth in these trying times. Our top speakers prepared ready actionable tactics for all cannapreneurs and marketing team members that want to do more with less. More importantly, we’re bringing the conference to you — no matter where in the world that might be.

The Cannabis Marketing Masters is designed to give you everything you need to plan and execute your profitable cannabis marketing strategy and team in 2020 and further.

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Solutions to your marketing and sales challenges do not have to be complicated or expensive. Given the current trying times, we have preselected for you working tips, techniques and tools for your SEO and Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, Traffic and Sales funnels, Up-sells, and Growth opportunities.

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Attend the summit from anywhere in the world from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. No need to spend thousands of dollars flying to an event venue, book hotel room, and have time away from your family.
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After the summit we will offer you a one-time opportunity to enter our Cannabis Business Social Network. Our support network, new perspectives and new approaches, accountability, collaboration and both personal and professional growth.

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Most online conferences cost hun of dollars. We are gifting you a Free Ticket because we believe in the power of a community. We know that shared information and resources will help many businesses in the industry.

Each presentation will stream FREE for 24 hours — if you want to watch the sessions after the event, you have to buy the All-Access Multipass.

Marketing Masters Summit Starts in:


Who is the Marketing Masters Summit​ for?




Startup Managers

The Cannabis Marketing Masters Sessions

Sessions DAY 1 - November 13th

Amy Larson speaker cannabis marketing masters
Session #1

How to Build a Strategic Marketing Plan...and avoid wasting time and money on shiny object tactics

Amy will start the summit off with the importance of a truly effective, measurable marketing strategy. And in order to build yours you have to look past the newest Shiny Object and first focus on knowing what your brand is, who your audience is, and where to reach them

NOV,13 1:00 PM ET/ 10:00 AM PT
brian chaplin speaker cannabis marketing masters
Session #3

Interview: The Importance of a Mission-driven and Value-based Cannabis Brand

Brian will talk about what is a mission-driven brand in the industry and how to create your company mission. He will share his extraordinary story with Cannabis and talk about why do you need a good story of your brand?  

NOV, 13 2:15 PM ET

/ 11:15 AM PT

Session #4

Soundbites that Sing: 5 Steps to Mastering the Talking Points

Whether you’re being interviewed or sending a tweet, today’s communication style requires brevity and balance. In this interactive and upbeat presentation, Tara Coomans of Avaans PR takes you through actionable tips that you can use in your day-to-day professional life. Walk away with the secrets expert communicators rely upon. Download the interactive sheet prior to the session for the best experience.

NOV, 13 4:10 PM ET/ 1:10 PM PT
Session #5

The Ultimate Social Media Guide For Your Cannabis Brand

Cannabis Summit Session overview will be added soon. 

NOV, 13 4:40 PM ET/ 1:40 PM PT
Lindsey Griffith, Digital marketing specialist
antonio javiniar speaker cannabis marketing masters
Session #6

Content that Converts: Marketing on a Limited Budget

Antonio from WebJoint will help you understand how you can identify pain points/information gaps in the cannabis industry and your niche. What are the main important points of developing a Content Marketing Strategy for your business and how to minimize your marketing expenses but still reach your highest potential.

NOV, 13 5:10 PM ET/ 2:10 PM PT
Session #7

Interview: Creating New and Authentic Content in The Cannabis Space

Cannabis Summit Session outline will be added soon. 

NOV, 13 5:40 PM ET/ 2:40 PM PT

Sessions DAY 2 - November 14th

tyler speaker cannabis marketing masters
Session #8

The 3 Pillars of a Successful SEO Strategy for Your Cannabis Business

During his session Tyler will take you though the most important SEO tactics in the Cannabis Industry –  what is On-Page SEO, how to plan your content right and set yourself up for successful website and how to rank better with backlinks. 

NOV, 14 1:40 PM ET / 10:40 PM PT
andrew watson speaker cannabis marketing masters
Session #9

How to Craft a Successful Campaign with Hyper-targeted Marketing

We sit down with Andrew from Happy Cabbage to discuss the impact of Hyper-targeted campaigns on ROI, and how to leverage consumer attributes for hyper-targeted marketing. We take a deep dive into what the data says about how customers are contacted, how hyper-targeted communication strategy works, and how to craft a successful campaign based on what’s worked for a variety of Happy Cabbage’s customers

NOV,14 2:15 PM ET/ 11:15 PM PT
Tyrone Russell speaker cannabis marketing masters
Session #10

How to Keep it Professional and Fun .... without Losing Integrity

Cannabis Summit Session outline will be added soon. 

beth Adan speaker cannabis marketing masters
Session #11

The Right Public Positioning for your Cannabusiness with Public Relations

Cannabis Summit Session overview will be added soon. 

NOV, 13 4:40 PM ET/ 1:40 PM PT
travis Crane speaker cannabis marketing masters
Session #12

Navigating the Waters of Advertising in the Cannabis Industry

Travis from Cultivate Colorado will take you on a trip of marketing successfully in the Cannabis industry. He will dive deeper in How traditional marketing techniques worked, together with how non-traditional marketing techniques worked by evaluating the cost-effectiveness of cannabis marketing.

NOV, 14 1:00 PM ET/ 10:00 AM PT
Colton Flourish Software
Session #13

Leveraging Technology and Automation in Sales and Marketing

Cannabis Summit Session overview will be added soon. 

NOV, 14 4:10 PM ET/ 1:10 PM PT
gianna the cannabis marketing masters speaker
Session #14

Closing the Loop from Marketing to Sales

Cannabis Summit Session overview will be added soon. 

Session #15

How to Market in the B2G and B2B Spaces

Cannabis Summit Session outline will be added soon. 

Meet the Cannabis Summit Speakers

beth Adan speaker cannabis marketing masters

Beth Adan


Beth has been in PR, marketing, and branding since 2011 and is a native of Washington State, which legalized recreational cannabis in 2012. She has a long-term track record of proven PR wins, having secured high-level media coverage at mainstream and cannabis-specific outlets for her clients. 

chip baker speaker cannabis marketing masters

Chip Baker

The Real Dirt Podcast

Chip is an early pioneer of the cultivation industry. Chip has an innate horticultural knowledge that fostered his ideas about developing ancillary businesses to support the new booming industry. With 30 years in the industry Chip has become a leader in business development, composting, soil development and cultivation technology applications, and has advised people all over the world about cannabis. Chip is a multi-state operator with seven licenses in three states.

brian chaplin speaker cannabis marketing masters

Brian Chaplin

Medicine Box Wellness

Brian Chaplin is a former underground cannabis cultivator. 12- step member.  National wellness brand entrepreneur. Plant medicine advocate. Brain executes in several manifest missions as the Chief Creative Officer of Medicine Box.


Tara Coomans

Avaans PR

As an award-winning, 20+ year veteran of communications, Tara Coomans is CEO and founder of Avaans PR where she leads remote team offices in New York, Denver, and Los Angeles. Avaans PR is the single banner culmination of Coomans’ multiple agencies, including Primo PR which established itself in 2015 specifically for the cannabis industry.
travis Crane speaker cannabis marketing masters

Travis Crane

Cultivate Colorado

Travis Crane has been writing about the cannabis industry since 2013. He graduated from James Madison University with a BA in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication, which he used to translate into a career in marketing within the cannabis space.

gianna the cannabis marketing masters speaker

Gianna Gard

Happy Cabbage

Focused on branding, design, and web development, Gianna comes from a strong background in equity investment, marketing, and product design. She is currently a Masters student at ENSCI Les Ateliers in Paris, France.
Kevin Greene speaker cannabis marketing masters

Kevin Greene

Cleveland School of Cannabis

Kevin Greene is a father, mentor, compassionate community member and successful entrepreneur. With ownership of two successful startups-Faces International, and the Cleveland School of Cannabis – he has years of experience developing successful teams.

Colton Flourish Software

Colton Griffin

Flourish Software

Colton is CEO of Flourish Software, a leading supply chain management and seed to sale tracking software solution for the cannabis, CBD, and hemp verticals. Colton’s career and expertise are at the intersection of supply chain operations, enterprise software, and analytics. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a BS in Industrial Engineering. 
Lindsey Headshotv2

Lindsey Griffith


Lindsey Griffith is the Creative Content Specialist at ThrivePOP, a West Michigan based Digital Marketing Agency. As a copywriter, Lindsey has experience in creating and implementing content across several digital platforms including podcasts, webinars, blogs, and social media profiles. During her cannabis career, she has worked with several cannabis manufacturers on search engine optimization through blogging to drive traffic to their website and assist in organic social strategies to gain new followers. Lindsey received her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Grand Valley State University and her work has been published across several cannabis industry platforms.
tyler speaker cannabis marketing masters

Tyler Horvath

Tyler Horvath

Tyler Horvath is an entrepreneur, King of SEO™, and CEO of Marijuana SEO. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing,  Tyler’s SEO passion has grown into the cannabis industry where he helps cannabis companies get more customers online.


antonio javiniar speaker cannabis marketing masters

Antonio Javiniar


Antonio is a Creative and Digital Marketing Strategist who is the Head of Marketing at WebJoint. He is a graduate of the University of California, LA (UCLA). His passion for cannabis stems from his desire to elevate the standard for marketing in the industry and innate desire to innovate through technology and creativity.

Amy Larson speaker cannabis marketing masters

Amy Larson


Amy is the VP of Marketing & PR at Simplifya, the cannabis industry’s leading operational and regulatory compliance software platform. Prior to pivoting to cannabis in 2016, Amy spent 15+ years working in marketing for the consumer, tourism, retail, and real estate industries. She currently serves as the Chair of NCIA’s Marketing & Advertising Committee.

Tyrone Russell speaker cannabis marketing masters

Tyrone Russell

Cleveland School of Cannabis

Tyrone Russell is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, community advocate, and award-winning higher education professional. A graduate from Colgate University Tyrone holds a Master’s in Counseling and College Student Personnel from Shippensburg University.

andrew watson speaker cannabis marketing masters

Andrew Watson

Happy Cabbage

Andrew comes from an extensive background in analytics and economics. His past experiences include directing finance analytics teams at Salesforce and One Medical supporting billion-dollar P&Ls. He brings a breadth of expertise and knowledge in statistical programming and financial management.

Meet the Summit Hosts


Olivia loves solving problems and bringing people together. Olivia has helped Fortune 100 companies to start-ups to build relationships between their brand and their audience; and through messaging, digital technologies, and storytelling to grow reach and drive sales.

Olivia loves Cannabis, too; for its countless medical benefits, its positive impact on opioid efficacy, abuse, and overdose; and the economic benefits of legalization through increased tax revenues and job growth. Yeah, and she likes to get high, too, but that is just the icing on the cake.

She has started multiple businesses including two agencies, a co-working space; developed a networking series, and in an advisory or investor role, has helped other people realize their dreams.


Andrew is a dedicated and experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and growth marketing professional for a wide range of businesses and clients across different industry sectors, including the Cannabis Industry.

andrew lawrence cannabis stummit

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