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What Is the Cannabis Business Social Network and Community About?

The Cannabis Business Social Network and Community is a new online space for cannabis business owners, cannabis event organizers, product and service providers, investors, growers, and distributors.

We aim to bring thousands of like-minded, yet diverse cannabis professionals from different locations together to connect, discover, support, build, and grow their businesses.

Why a Social Network and Community?

A more formal business social network and community provides a sense of belonging, but also has the benefits of a support network, new perspectives and new approaches, accountability, collaboration and both personal and professional growth.

Communities and network groups, whether they are built around a geography, some social aspect, or a professional one, all have similar benefits for both their members and the larger ecosystem in which they operate. 

 The cannabis industry is a perfect space for community as it follows a more complicated and stringent set of rules than most other industries. This circumstance offers a common goal to rally around and can bring people together and together, we humans are known to be more willing to collaborate, more effective in numbers and more innovative in our thoughts than going it alone.

Why join OUR Business Social Network and Community?

Find your tribe

Find like-minded individuals within industry to help you reach your goals, and help you grow both personally and professionally.

Collaborate with peers

Take part in our Mastermind groups. We will help you work through problems, bounce ideas and innovate your business or career.

Learn from experts

Connect with experts in the cannabis industry who will share the secrets of success with you.

Grow your network

Get to know other cannabis business owners who will help you grow personally and business wise.

Promote your business

List your company, products and services in our directory and let us help you with the promotion of it.

Find partners

Find professionals who are looking for your company’s product and services and are read to do business with you

Now, more than ever, in this new economic and social landscape, the support of a community can not only help your business survive, but thrive.

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It is for you and all entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry – business owners, executives, event owners and organizers, service providers and investors.

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Absolutely! Aspiring business owners & even those who have passion in the cannabis industry will benefit immensely from the community.

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