Explore Cannabis Business Loans and Funding Options During Crisis

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Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, acquiring cannabis business loans can be a challenge for businesses in the industry.

The government has launched many disaster relief programs for businesses to survive the crisis, but the majority of cannabis businesses, except those producing or selling hemp and hemp-derived products, are ineligible for these low-interest programs.

Now, here is the GOOD NEWS, there are many private lenders and cannabis investors that help marijuana businesses secure funds to keep their doors open and things running smoothly.

Getting Cannabis Business Loans and Funding

Like other businesses, staying on the top of cash flow is crucial for marijuana businesses.

Fortunately, as politicians and activist groups have pushed for cannabis legalization, new avenues for marijuana funding are becoming more available. Therefore, you may find private lenders, investors, and online marketplaces that offer cannabis financing solutions to alleviate any cash flow issues.

So if you want your business to keep expanding and thriving in spite of COVID-19, take a look at this list of top lenders.

They can evaluate your eligibility for available cannabis business loans and help increase your chances of loan approval. Through them, you can also reach out to cannabis Angel investors who might be interested in funding your business during this tough time.

National Business Capital & Services

National Business Capital & Services started serving the cannabis and CBD industry through its new program, CannaBusiness Financing Solutions.

Minimum qualifications:

Years in business: One year minimum
Annual revenue: $120K
FICO score: No minimum

CannaBusiness Financial Solutions is available in the U.S. states where cannabis and CBD are legal for medicinal or recreational uses, as well as in Canada. The CannaBusiness Financing Solution covers cannabis businesses from growers to dispensaries, to marketing companies, to hemp and CBD products and other ancillary cannabis companies. Whether you need cannabis funding during this crisis or want to expand your existing business, this program covers you.

Get loan approvals in 24 hours, and funding will be credited to you in 48 hours after submitting your loan application. With National’s industry-specific program, you can secure all of your needed cannabis capital. Apply today with National Business Capital &Services.

Diamond Business Loans

Diamond Business Loans is a Direct Lender, Brokerage, and Syndicate. From startups to well-established marijuana businesses, the company has a suitable financing solution for all.

Whether you want cannabis equipment financing, raise working capital, or need to finance your inventory and accounts receivable, DBL can do it all.

Diamond Business Loans offers three main cannabis financing programs:

Commercial real estate purchase program:
This program offers loans from $1 million up with a 30% down payment.

Equipment program:
Receive funding on a case-by-case basis.

FICO Program:
The FICO Program is based on the borrower’s credit history and income and can be used for new business startups and credit-based working capital.

Minimum Qualifications:

Years in business: From 0 years+
Annual revenue: Case-by-case basis
FICO score: 680

Diamond Business Loans is able to fund dispensaries, grow operations, cannabis wholesalers and retailers, edibles producers and many other medical marijuana (MMJ) related businesses.

Backed by highly experienced and certified financial professionals, knowledge, and expertise, DBL increases your chances of loan approval.

Start your online application form today.   A member of the company’s staff will contact you to discuss and analyze your cannabis funding needs.


GoKapital works with national lenders to avail merchant cash advances to marijuana businesses. The company offers better loan approval rates than many local banks.

You can obtain a cash advance ranging between $50,000 and $5 million, as long as you are eligible.

Minimum Qualifications:

Years in business: Four months minimum
Annual revenue: $150K
FICO score: 500+

With GoKapital’s Quick Business Loans, you can easily secure marijuana businesses, the working capital required to achieve long-lasting success.  The online application process is streamlined, fast, and simple. You can get a free consultation from a dedicated team of advisors that will evaluate your cash flow needs and suggest the best funding option.  Start your application.


Next-Financing works with its lender partners to offer working capital, ACH and MCA loans, along with advance consolidations, term loans. Invoice financing and equipment financing to name a few of their available programs.

Next-Financing aims to get you approved for the best funding options and offers three different programs for working capital: Starter MCA, Primary Capital, and Premier.  The Starter MCA loans have easy terms and fast funding. Each program has its own qualifications, for instance, an ACH/MCA has the following qualifications.

Minimum Qualifications:

Years in business: Three months minimum
Annual revenue: $84K
FICO score: No minimum

Additional features include:

  • Approval Amount: $3,500 – $2,000,000.
  • 3 – 24 Month Pay-Back Terms.
  • Approvals in 24 hours or less with proper documentation.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Payments – Paid via Automated ACH.
  • No Personal Collateral.
  • Funding Within 1-3 Days!

Start your application with Next-Financing.

Lender 420


Lender 420 has helped about 400+ cannabis and CBD businesses successfully secure loans. The lender’s unsecured cash capital program helps businesses include cannabis producers, retailers, edibles sellers, accessory makers, cannabis processors, delivery service, app developers, security service, and Dispensary loans.

The company’s seasoned and knowledgeable team members have worked with the nation’s big banks to address the concerns of clients.

You can be eligible for loan up to $150,000 per signer/owner. This type of loan involves a guarantor. It means even if you have less than desirable credit rate, you can still access unsecured finances at Lender 420.

Because of a less complex and easy application process, you will get funds within a few days.

Minimum Qualifications:

Years in business: From 0 years+
Annual revenue: Case-by-case
FICO Score: 680 or higher

First American Merchant

First American Merchant accents merchant cash advance applications from cannabis and CBD dispensaries. A merchant cash advance is receivables financing that allows you to sell some portion of your future sales to a lender at discount.

The lender offers credit card merchant advances and lock box ACH programs that include both cash sales and credit card.

Minimum Qualifications:

Years in business: From 0 years+
Annual revenue: Case-by-case
FICO Score: No minimum

The loan application process with FAM is very fast and involves minimal documentation. Your loan will get approved on the same day or by the next day.

In addition, FAM offers large-scale funding options for cannabis and CBD businesses. You can secure cannabis funding of up to $1 million in unsecured capital so you can meet all your financial challenges. Apply with First Merchant today.

Final Words

So whether you are an active or aspiring marijuana business owner, you can reach out to these lenders, search our directory for other options for acquiring cannabis business loans. Another option for funding may be to seek out investors or venture capital firms.

As legal intricacies surrounding cannabis business loans are shifting, you may expect even more cannabis funding options.

Radina Petrishka

Radina is the Marketing Manager of Cannabis Stack. She has been in digital marketing, branding and company growing management since 2011 and has a proven record of wins with different sectors. Her passions in the canna-businesses are the cannabis culture, fast-developing solutions, and the challenges the field is offering.

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