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How do I submit a listing?

I want to submit a listing... 

  1. Start by going to  This can be accessed in the main menu Listings > Submit Listings; in the top bar to the far right there is an ADD button or via a link in the footer.
  2. You will be brought to a login/signup screen.  Either signup a new account or login to your existing one.  
  3. Upon successful login, you will be directed to your My Account page.
  4. On the left menu, click on Add/Manage Listings.  
  5. Click ADD NEW button.
  6. Proceed to fill out the Listing form:
      • Put the name of your company/organization/event/product only. Please do not use ALL CAPS and please use Title Capitalization.
      • Add information that describes your company/organization/product/event in the main content area.  
      • Add an short version of your description in the Excerpt area.
      • Add an image or logo for your business/product/service.

NOTE: Image selection should take the following in consideration:

Good quality image - not pixelated

Does not exceed 128 MB

MINIMUM SIZE: 300px x 200px

RATIO: Ideally in a 4:3 ratio - Since images on each listing is displayed as 300px x 200px If you need to check an aspect ratio or reduce a very large image in a photo editor, check:

Bigger is NOT better unless you can edit it before you load it to the site. If you need to edit or crop your image before loading, check out or both are free and will make the adjustments you will need to make.

Does not contain all text or text in the bottom third of the image

Will not become outdated quickly

  • Address should be the building number and the street
  • Enter the City, State, Country and Postal Code, then click the Find button above the Map.
  • Format for US numbers is +Country Code<Single Space>Area Code<Single Space> Telephone Number or +1 212 5551212. Other countries may have different formats.
  • For the Web field, list the full web address with http:// and any subdirectories or UTMs as indicated in the approved listing  (i.e.,
  • In the Web Link Label we will display a condensed version of the Web field with no http://, www, subdirectories, or UTMs, just the root domain (i.e.,
  • Scroll up and find the Categories section to SELECT assigned Child (the most specific Category) Category ONLY.  Do NOT select Parent or Sub-parent Category.  Each ITEM can only have one Category selection.
  • Select appropriate Child Location ONLY.  Like the Category, the Location should be the most specific Location ONLY.  Do NOT select Parent or Sub-parent Location as these will be selected automatically upon submission.  Each ITEM can only have one Location selection.
  • Scroll up and  Submit for Review.
  1. You will receive an email confirming your submission and next steps.

How do I claim a listing?

My business is already on Cannabis Stack, now what?  The easiest way to claim your listing is to search for it on Cannabis Stack and then click on the CLAIM THIS LISTING button. We'll walk you through all the steps to claim your listing and set up your account.

Why was my claim listing declined?

More than likely, we did have enough information to contact you or to verify that you are indeed associated with the business being claimed.

The email you used in your profile is a Gmail account or other free email service, or the domain of your email contact does not match the domain of the business you are attempting to claim.

Your contact phone number does not match the business phone number or we were not able to confirm your association with the business when calling the general number..

Update your contact details to better match the business attempting to be claimed and resubmit.

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