Radina Petrishka

Radina is the Marketing Manager of Cannabis Stack. She has been in digital marketing, branding and company growing management since 2011 and has a proven record of wins with different sectors. Her passions in the canna-businesses are the cannabis culture, fast-developing solutions, and the challenges the field is offering.
Aug 19
Weed Measurements: the Complete Guide on Cannabis Quantities

All you Need to Know about Weed Measurements and Quantities In the world of cannabis,…

Jul 15
Indica vs. Sativa: Understanding the Different Strains of Cannabis

Walk into any shop or cannabis dispensary, and you are faced with a variety of…

May 06
Tips for Cannabis Businesses from 8 Successful Entrepreneurs

Tips for Cannabis Businesses In today’s time of crisis, you could utilize your…

May 04
Cannabis Investment: 5 Ways to Measure the Worth

With the growing legal marijuana market, many cannabis investors are eager for…

Apr 27
Cannabis Accounting: Everything You Need to Know about Cannabis Industry Bookkeeping

Cannabis Industry Bookkeeping and Accounting Cannabis accounting is more complex than…

Apr 09
Explore Cannabis Business Loans and Funding Options During Crisis

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, acquiring cannabis business loans can be a challenge for…

Mar 27
5 Steps Every Cannabis Business Needs To Take Now

5 steps every cannabis business needs to take to ensure that not only it survives but…

Mar 23
5 Things a Good Cannabis Lawyer will Do for You

The laws surrounding the cannabis industry are ever-changing, and to complicate…

Mar 23
When will Weed be Legal Nationwide?

New politicians in office, a Republican Attorney General, and consistent legalization…

Mar 20
Full List of Cannabis Events Affected by the Coronavirus

The world is in the middle of the coronavirus (COVID -19) pandemic, many countries…

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