Olivia Solero

Olivia Solero is the Co-founder of Cannabis Stack. Olivia has an unusual blend of creative thinking and the ability to put that thinking into effect. She likes to write; loves to edit; she knows how to lead, follow or get out of the way; she is good with a buck and wicked smart when it comes to data.

Blog Posts by: Olivia Solero

Jul 27
National CBD Day Activities Overview 2020

August 8th is National CBD Day. It is a day to recognize and celebrate hemp and all…

Jul 20
What Cannabis Certification to Get in 2020

With massive business growth in the world of marijuana, cannabis certification is…

Jul 13
How to Become a Budtender and Do a Stellar Job

Finding out how to become a budtender is a great start if you want to be hired by a…

Jul 02
Top 6 Inspiring Marijuana Businesses

Being an inspiring marijuana business means becoming a member of a community. If a…

Jun 29
Where Can you Get a Marijuana Degree – And is it Worth the Time?

Getting a marijuana degree is nothing to brush off if you really want to work in the…

Jun 08
5 Cannabis Growers Who Changed the Game

People who talk about being cannabis growers at home thinking that the task of growing…

May 21
How to Work at a Dispensary – The 2020 State-by-State Guide

Learning how to work at a dispensary means you can help people who are visiting and…

May 18
Social and Economic Benefits of Legalizing Weed by 2020

We are seeing the social and economic benefits of legalizing weed in certain states in…

May 13
CBD Packaging – A Guide to Effectively Packaging and Labeling Products

You want your CBD packaging to be eye-catching and looking good. But you also have to…

Apr 30
Top Cannabis Brands Created and Promoted by Celebrities

When weed was legalized in Canada and parts of the United States, the number of…

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