Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence is the Co-founder of Cannabis Stack. He is a dedicated and experienced entrepreneur, angel investor, and growth marketing professional for a wide range of businesses and clients across different industry sectors, including the Cannabis Industry.
Sep 21
The Definitive Guide to Hydrocarbon Extraction of Cannabis Products

The demand for cannabis continues to grow beyond the bud market and now includes…

Aug 17
Cannabis Financing Guide – 6 Ways to Finance your Marijuana Business or Startup

Starting and maintaining a cannabis business is not simple, and cannabis financing is…

Aug 05
Michigan Marijuana Growing License and Guidelines – 2020 Guide

Understanding how important it is to have a Michigan marijuana growing license and…

Aug 03
Cannabis Dispensary Loans – Learn More and Find Out if You Qualify

Finding cannabis dispensary loans are similar to any financial lending in the cannabis…

Jul 06
Original Guide to Drying and Curing Cannabis Buds

Harvest time has arrived and drying, and curing cannabis buds is the next step in your…

Jun 25
Top Cannabis Extraction Companies to Trust in 2020

Cannabis extraction continues to grow as a significant sector in the cannabis…

Jun 22
The Four Pillars of Quality Marijuana Processing

When talking about marijuana extraction, it refers to everything involved in the…

Jun 19
Top Marijuana Mutual Funds for 2020 – And Tips on Picking One

The market talk surrounding marijuana mutual funds is usually touting how this new…

Jun 11
How to Become a Master Grower in 2020

As more countries and states legalize cannabis, the industry offers increasing numbers…

Jun 04
The Complete Guide to THC Extraction Methods – And Types of Companies Doing It

THC extraction methods are utilized to separate parts of the cannabis plant for…

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