5 Things a Good Cannabis Attorney will do for You

The law around the cannabis industry is still burgeoning. Different states have varying regulations. What is permissible in one state may not apply in another.

Bottom line, once you have committed to putting in time and money in the cannabis business, you will need to work with a cannabis lawyer. An attorney specializing in the cannabis industry will protect you and your investments if you get on the wrong side of the law, but more importantly, will help you steer clear of being there in the first place. .

Here are five things you need from a cannabis attorney.

1. Legal Representation

A good cannabis attorney should represent you in legal matters. Just like business lawyers do in other industries, they should provide a range of legal services. The services include:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Corporate structuring
  • Contracts
  • Tax consulting
  • Licensing
  • Compliance
  • Intellectual property
  • Labor
  • General operating advice

You should obtain legal representation whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or investor. The services are also available to non-profits, trade groups, and publicly listed cannabis-related companies.

2. Licensing and Registration Help

Getting a license for your cannabis business can be an uphill task. Registration is also tasking, yet a very crucial component of compliance. You cannot afford to take the process of registration and licensing lightly.

Each state and municipality have disparate rules and regulations that govern the industry and licensing for the entire process from cultivation to consumption. To mitigate risks and enhance your chances of success, get yourself a cannabis attorney. Cultivation, delivery, dispensary, distribution, and manufacturing all form part of the cannabis industry.

Each one of them has its requirements which a hawk-eyed lawyer can help you sort out. In California for example, you can apply for conditional licenses for use in outdoor activities. In other states, there might not be such provisions, and it is  essential to check with an attorney.

3. Lobbying On Your Behalf

The cannabis business is not without its fair share of challenges. Even if the cannabis business is legal in your locality, critics may be against the industry. Having a professional lawyer who understands the industry is beneficial to you, especially when dealing with government.

The lawyer will be the professional face who will take up the criticism on behalf of your business. They will represent you to citizens, council people, or community groups. The aim will be to approach them with an education mentality to inform them.

4. Help with Compliance

One of the most significant issues that can get you out of business is lack of compliance. This is one of the areas that your cannabis lawyer should oversee. Compliance applies in all aspects of your business including but not limited to

  • Marketing
  • Zoning
  • Advertising
  • Inventory
  • Packaging

It always pays to have a lawyer keep an eye on compliance procedures. If you get an administration warning for lack of compliance, a good cannabis lawyer will help.

5. Intellectual Property Representation

The rapid development of the cannabis industry has seen many products develop fast. If your business involves the development of innovative products, you need a cannabis lawyer. Intellectual property engagement is complicated and touches on the part of the law.

It’s vital to have a legal plan if you’re working on developing something new in the industry. Copyrights, patents, trademarks, and licenses are a few examples of intellectual property. You need to protect them to prevent people from snatching ideas away from you to make a profit.


When you think about a cannabis lawyer, it’s not just about representation in court. A good cannabis lawyer will offer you much more than protection when the law is against you. If you have not been considering hiring a lawyer for your cannabis business, think it through.

Cannabis is a tough space and still very contentious although legalized. Don’t let the legal fees deter you from protecting your business against legal difficulties.